Fifteen years of expertise

About Mara shipping

Mara Shipping was founded in 2002 and is part of Krief Group. Our head office is located in Tel Aviv Midtown building.
We Operate two additional offices in Ashdod and Haifa ports.
We specialize in Ocean-freight of Automotive, Heavy
Equipment and Break Bulk Cargo, Inbound, Outbound Israel.
We serve from all Continents. Europe, Asia, North or South America.

our services

Mara Shipping offer transportation service for Cars, Heavy Equipment,
Breakbulk, by UECC in Europe, Eukor in Asia and ARC in Europe, USA and Asia.

Automotive Cargo
High and Heavy Equipment
Break Bulk Cargo

We specialize in operational services for Roll On Roll Off vessels for carriers in IsraeI ports.

our vision

Leading the expansion of competition in Israel's RORO market. Our goal is improving customer service, transport solutions and providing a precise answer to the changing needs in a dynamic growing market.

our values


We believe the ocean is wide open for both new players and enhancing competition – we strive and committed to make it happen.

Service orientation

We are fully committed to provide a quick answer to our customers, based on advanced IT structures, as well as on our professional team with an initiative approach (pro-active). we aim to establish long term service and business relations.


We offer a range of custom-made creative solutions, catered to the client's changing needs in a developing market. All services are adapted to the varied vehicle transport – full solutions to all cargo types, including private cars, trucks and busses, heavy equipment, forklifts, cranes etc.


The ability to cater an answer to unique and complicated needs and complete adaption to the client's demands.


We are committed to deliver as scheduled, in fair prices in a competitive and growing business environment.

Ethics and equity

We keep fair business relations emphasized on respect and ethics with our clients, associates, colleagues and competitors in Israel and from around the world.

the leading team

mrs. irit krief


mrs. itzhaky


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